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AASHTO has a number of experts who can discuss aviation in the United States, including state DOT directors who are actively engaged in this issue. To set up an interview, contact Tony Dorsey at 202-624-3690 or tdorsey@aashto.org.

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Foxx, Key Lawmakers Prod State Officials to Carry Forceful Message to Congress​.  View the full story in the February 27 AASHTO Journal.

AASHTO's Executive Director on why states need more federal help maintaining, improving transportation.  View the full story in the January 23 AASHTO Journal.​

AASHTO’s 100th Birthday Comes as Nation Grapples with Infrastructure Future​.  View the full story in the December 12 AASHTO Journal.

At the 2014 AASHTO Annual Meeting, the Board of Directors approved a new six-year plan.  View the full story in the November 26 AASHTO Journal.

The U.S. Department of Transportation announced late last week that it will continue funding 149 lower-volume air traffic control towers across the country that were scheduled to close as an effect of sequestration. View the full story in the May 17 AASHTO Journal