​Reports & Studies

The Impact of General Aviation on State and Local Economies
Created by a collaborative effort between AASHTO, the Alliance for Aviation Across America, and NASAO, this report features informative state profiles based on information gathered by surveys of the aviation sector. Continue Reading: IGA PDF 

ACRP Projects
ACRP can address any issues faced by airport operators. Some projects may apply to specific types of airports, while others apply to virtually all airports. Projects may target areas as diverse as safety, security, operations, environment planning, design, construction, maintenance, administration, policy, and human resources. Continue Reading: ACRP Brochure

Measuring Economic Significance of Aviation
Towards Border Views of Airport Economic Significance: Intermodal Perspectives
Continue Reading: Aviation Economic Development

GAO Report - Aviation Security
Further Steps Needed to Strengthen the Security of Commercial Airport Perimeters and Access Controls TSA has begun evaluating the security of airport perimeters and the controls that limit access into secured airport areas, but has not yet determined how the results of these evaluations could be used to make improvements to the nation’s airport system as a whole. Specifically, TSA is conducting regulatory compliance inspections, covert testing of selected security procedures, and vulnerability assessments at selected airports. These evaluations—though not yet completed—have identified perimeter and access control security concerns.
Continue Reading: http://www.gao.gov/new.items/d04728.pdf

NASAO Report - General Aviation Airports Security Report
This report reflects a consensus achieved among the extremely diverse general aviation community. The report goes over:

  • Pilots and Passengers
  • Securing Aircraft
  • Airports and Facilities
  • Surveillance
  • Security Plans and Communications
  • Specialty Operations

Continue reading: http://www.nasao.org/Publications/pdf_files/ASAC_GA_Airport_Security_Report.pdf

GAO Report--Airport Finance:
Observations on Planned Airport Development Costs and Funding Levels, and the Administration's Proposed Changes in the Airport Improvement Program. GAO-07-885, June 29.
Continue reading:
Highlights - http://www.gao.gov/highlights/d07885high.pdf

GAO Report - Aviation and the Environment
Results From a Survey of the Nation's 50 Busiest Commercial Service Airports
The report reviews the key environmental concerns and challenges associated with airports'current operations and future growth and efforts of major airports and federal agencies to address those challenges.
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GAO Report - Aviation Competition Regional Jet Service Yet to Reach Many Small Communities
The report goes over:

  • What is the status of regional jet deployment in the United States, and how has this service evolved?
  • What factors have affected the airlines' decisions in deploying regional jets?
  • What effects have regional jets had on air traffic and airport congestion, according to published studies and experts in the field?

Continue reading:http://www.gao.gov/new.items/d01344.pdf